Rubber Sheet, Skirt Rubber & Rubber Lagging

Rubber Sheet/Skirt Rubber

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Hard Natural Rubber H 10, H 20, GL 10, GL 20

(BI.H.10 / BI.H.20)

Resist against high corrosive system for application Brine Storage, Caustic Soda, H3So4, H2So4
H 30, GL 30


For low Ca & Mg Ion where application for low Ca & Mg are needed
Soft Natural Rubber N, GL 03


High resilient, good shock absorb, chemical resistant application for Acid Storage Tank, Cation Anion Exchanger, Water Storage Tank
A, GL 09


High resilient, good shock absorb, chemical resistant application for Handling of Slurry
11, GL 11


Abrasive & chemical resistant application for acid tank, anion cation, water tank, ZnCl2 reaction tank, handling slurry
12, GL 12


Super high abrasive resistant application for very high abrasive application
Chloroprene CR, GO 20


Ozone, chemical, sea water resistant application for sea water, cooling tower, water box


Excellent ozone, ketonic, solvent, oxidizing chemical, sea water resistent application for storage tank or oxidizing chemical
NBR, GA 30


Petroleum/oil, solvent, abrasion resitant application for petroleum storage tank
Butyl, GE 40 DB (BI.BUTYL.V) Excellent ozone, sea water, oxodizing chemical resitant application for phosporic acid, hypochloric acid storage tank


Technical Data Sheet of Rubber Sheet/Skirt Rubber



Rubber Lagging for Pulley

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Fabricated from high durometer material for abrasion resitance and offer superior tractive properties, water shedding, keep belt not slip, and protect againts wear and corrosion. Can offers the superior tractive in all pulley applications. Give a path to water or other liuid for escape. Solves wear problem, reduce slippage and protect againts abrasive condition. Help prevent belt slippage in extreme dirt condition. Horizontal grrove trap can and defect water result superior coefficient of friction. Suitable for any pulley where wtershield is not necessary, can increase lifetime of bell, protect the pulley againts wear & corrosion.
Use Soft Natural Rubber RS, GC 58 (BI.S.RS)       Impact resistant application for pulley lagging and skirt rubber

Optional : standard to customer for dimension, crowned or machne finished, many material oofers such as SBR (styrene butadine rubber), neoprene, EPDM (ethylene propylene diene M class).